This year, we'll be working on briefs for pigs, poultry and goats, provided by Billy Wallace from Makeway Ltd. and Sconaid Wastie, Sophie Collins and Sian Philips from RSPCA Farm Animals Department.

pigs, poultry, goats

Prior to the workshop, pre-registered participants will have received a short information pack with links to resources on specific farmed animals.

Videos and designs will be available online; contacts will have been made and ideas will move forward to prototype and testing.

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Select: New Submission/Workshop: Designing enrichment for farm animals
We would like participants to pre-register and provide a very short description of their role/skills/interest in the workshop topic. Alternatively, we will be happy to receive a short email indicating your willingness to participate.

ACI 2017 website:
Original workshop proposal submission: FarmJam Workshop Proposal
RSPCA Farm Animal Welfare:
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Makeway Pig Production Consultancy:
ZooJam 2016: Don't Cut to the Chase

If you have any questions about the workshop, please contact Fiona French: