15th November 2016

  • 09:30    Introduction, goals of the event – Fiona
                 This morning to brainstorm concepts and share ideas, get feedback from the experts and
                 select best ideas to work on – establish enrichment and educational goals. 
                 This afternoon to deal with obstacles and come up with clear briefs – establish technical,
                 UX and physical manifestation goals. 
  • 09:40    Enrichment talk by Mark Kingston-Jones (20 min)
  • 10.00    3 teams and 3 briefs 
                 Rotate – brainstorm crazy ideas for 20 min each  -  penguins, sea lions and large felids
                 Mark KJ, Sarah and Fiona take turns to facilitate and manage timing.
  • 11.00    TEA BREAK
  • 11.30    Teams present ideas and receive feedback/questions
                 Look at each species in turn – led by Mark KJ, Matt and Michelle
  • 12.45    Overcoming obstacles – talk by Sarah Webber (15 min)
  • 13.00    LUNCH BREAK
  • 14.30    Feasibility talk by Mark Campbell (20 min + questions)
                 Technical practicalities, cost, robustness, terrain, data collection, IoT, communication, scale
  • 15.00    Choose designs to work on
                 Mix up teams and work on the best designs for penguins, sea lions and large felids – put together
                 a proper brief, including costs, expertise required, timescale, methodology for testing etc
  • 16.00    TEA BREAK
  • 16.30    Using GOALS TEMPLATE, try to clarify brief so it is ready to show to zoo. 
  • 17.30    Share and wrap up - facilitated by Fiona
                 PENGUINS >>
                 SEA-LIONS >>
                 BIG CATS >>